Degerstrom Family from Maine Introduction

The Degerstrom Genealogy website features the Swedish branch and history of the Degerstrom family from Maine. The Degerstrom surname and family history information here covers one branch only out of the six groups of Degerstroms documented on We are the descendants of our root ancestor Peder Danielsson who was born in 1560 in Ranea, Sweden.

rane river valley in ranea sweden

Råne River Valley, Råneå Sweden, Photo Credit with Permission: Kim Sundström

The Ranea photograph above is a panorama of the Rane River Valley in Norrbotten Lan of Northern Sweden in the area our family lived more than 400 years.

Patronymics and the Degerstrom Surname

Patronymics were used until the Degerstrom name was first adopted by Nils Fredrik Johansson Degerstrom (1819-1907), son of Johann Danielsson Jernhatt (1771-1850) of the 7th generation. Other sons took surnames including Degerlund and Ek, and two kept their patronymic surname Johansson.

The entire Nils Degerstrom group emigrated from Sweden to Maine beginning with the oldest son in 1870, the oldest daughter in 1880, and the balance of Degerstroms including Nils and his wife in 1881.

Research in 2003 resulted in the discovery of links between Degerstroms in America and living descendants of Johan Danielsson Jernhatt in Sweden by Leif Persson of Stockholm, family member and adoptive son of a descendant of Johan Danielsson Jernhatt. As a result, Swedish relatives of the Degerstroms from Maine with a variety of surnames in Sweden are being documented and included in the family tree going back to Peder Danielsson in 1560.

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