Family Database of Names 2016

The family database of names for 2016 has been updated adding nearly 500 more Degerstrom members to our website.

fred degerstrom home on degerstrom road

Fred Degerstrom Home on Degerstrom Road

The fastest way to find ancestors is the search box located on each page. You may need to scroll through results.

Why YOU Might Be Missing

Are you a descendant of one of the ancestors in the Degerstrom family from Maine, but can’t find your name listed?

We only display the names of deceased persons for privacy reasons. Living persons are all displayed as “Private”.

If you select a link to a “Private” listing, you are redirected to the home page. There is no information to show.

Corrections Are Welcome

In addition to “Private” you will encounter question mark placeholders. Updated info and corrections are welcome.

Please visit the contact us page or email us from any page to report information that will help us improve the site.

We have spent 1000’s of hours of research since 1996 to document the family. It may take months to publish updates.

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Immigrant Passenger List PDF

Degerstrom descendants may now download a high resolution immigrant passenger list in pdf format (11.6Mb) dated October 5, 1881.

ss ethiopia immigrant and cargo steamship

SS Ethiopia, 19th Century Immigrant and Cargo Steamship

The SS Ethiopia carried the last of our ancestors from Sweden to America with stops in Scotland and Ireland, then New York City.

The cover of our pdf displays the folded passenger list document as handled by ship Master (“Captain”) Arch Campbell or his staff.

The list heading on page 1 shows the ship’s who, what, where and when details, then lists the 527 passengers by family to page 11.

Immigrant Ship Conditions

The passenger breakdown by class was 59 1st class cabin and 83 2nd class cabin, and then 385 in steerage including our ancestors.

Steerage was in the lower part of the ship in deplorable conditions with very few amenities. Google that topic to learn more.

Ships docked at NYC piers. 1st and 2nd class passengers disembarked without inspection. If you’re wealthy you must be healthy.

Steerage passengers went to Ellis Island by ferry or barge for medical and legal inspection. That processing averaged 3-5 hours.

Finding the Degerstrom Names

Nils Fredrik Degerstrom is the last entry on page 10, and his wife Maria plus the balance of family members continues on page 11.

Page 11 lists 6 Degerstroms, 6 Johanssons, and then Lars Fredrik Degerstrom, wife Mathilda and their 1 year old daughter Maria.

Lars went by Fred, taken from his middle name, to sound more American, and his wife Mathilda dropped the “h” and went by Matilda.

Imagine the stamina of Matilda, 8 months pregnant, caring for her 1 year old, and son Oscar born in Maine 10 days after arrival.

The Document and Download

Note: A low resolution version of this original handwritten SS Ethiopia passenger list was located in 2010, and barely legible.

The new version was discovered in 2016, so handwriting is very clear. Read online or download the Immigrant Passenger List here.

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Childhood Sweethearts and More

Family genealogy research can yield amazing historical facts such as childhood sweethearts and more when examining documents.

1900 census monson maine

1900 Census for Monson Maine

The document shown here was discovered while searching old records for Lars Fredrik Degerstrom, our Great Great Grandfather.

The display is too small to read, so the small photo links to an enlarged version of the 1900 Census you can easily read.

The 1900 Census Who’s Who

Early research for Lars was disappointing until discovering he chose his middle name “Fred” as his legal American first name.

Fred Degerstrom is listed on line 78, head of household, white male, b. 1856, age 43, status married, born in Sweden, farmer.

His wife Matilda, born Mathilda – changed to sound more “American”, is on line 79. My grandfather Oscar, age 18, is on line 80.

Looked closer. Who is that listed on line 87! Nils F, father, white male, b. 1819, age 80! That’s our Great Great Grandfather!

This provides indisputable evidence that after his wife Maria died in 1895, Nils Fredrik Degerstrom, 80, lived with his son.

Those Childhood Sweethearts

Details are exciting like occupation, names of children still at home, plus Grandpa Nils. Where are those childhood sweehearts?

Again, my grandfather Oscar, 18 years old, is listed on line 80. His future wife Flossie Bradgon, age 14, is listed on line 73!

Were they neighbors? Yes! Records were taken door to door with one family listed between our Degerstrom and Bragdon ancestors!

Grandfather Oscar Fredrik Degerstrom and childhood sweetheart Flossie Mae Bragdon were married on September 18, 1902. She was 16.

oscar and flossie degerstrom 25th anniversary photo

Oscar and Flossie Degerstrom, 25th Wedding Anniversary

My grandmother hand wrote the date on the photo (date cropped out). The historic significance was less than obvious until now.

A simple document is sometimes more than raw data. Finding Fred was great. Nils, even greater. Childhood sweethearts? Priceless!

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Contact Page Website Addition

degerstrom info theme graphic The Degerstrom Family from Maine website was upgraded in 2015 to a mobile friendly design including a contact page website addition.

The contact page includes a snail mail physical address, plus an inquiry form to allow visitors to quickly and easily contact us.

Email links as an alternate are located on every page at the top right (desktop computers) or very bottom (mobile devices).

Help Us Keep Up to Date

Degerstrom family descendants can help us keep up to date by searching the site for their name and other family members.

Reporting news with details of births as well as notices of deaths in the family allows us to update the database of records, too.

Can’t find a person who you feel should be listed? Please note: To ensure privacy, you will only find details on deceased persons.

Over 4500 Names in Database

This site includes nearly 1000 names for now. We have over 4500 names in our database including ancestors of spouses, not just descendants.

The research team has literally spent 1000 plus hours working over the last 20 years to get to this point in our genealogy research.

The data we have was entered into our database, compiled, extracted, and then put in a website friendly format for people to read.

That path to get the information online goes through 3 software programs from raw data, to an exported gedcom file, to html pages.

As we gather input, we cannot update the site instantly for 1-2 changes. The process is complicated, so each could take up to a month.

Important: If you are a Degerstrom descendant enjoying this website, please research your family to report corrections. Thanks.

Follow this link to submit contact form info or corrections.

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1881 Voyage from Sweden to Maine

The steamship in the photo shown here is the SS Ethiopia that brought the last of the Degerstroms from Maine ancestors from Sweden to America in 1881.

ss ethiopia immigrant transport ship

SS Ethiopia Cargo and Immigrant Transport Ship

That last group of the Degerstrom clan emigrated from Ranea Sweden near the Arctic Circle in Norrbotten Lan by way of the port of Malmo Sweden and began their 1881 voyage from Sweden to Maine on 15 September.

They went from Malmo to Glasgow Scotland and sailed to America on the SS Ethiopia after first stopping in Moville Ireland before crossing the Atlantic Ocean to New York City where they arrived on 5 October 1881.

The eldest son Nils Johann “John” Degerstrom preceded the family coming to America in 1870, the oldest daughter Katrina-Degerstrom Lindgren with her husband and 4 children arrived on 24 August 1880, and then the entire group of immediate family members arrived on the SS Ethiopia in 1881.

We are certain they did not stay in New York very long because a son of Lars and Matilda Degerstrom, Oscar Fredrik Degerstrom, was born in Brownville, Maine on 15 October 1881 just 10 days after they arrived in New York.

100 years earlier, Johan Danielsson Jernhatt, a patriarch of the Degerstrom clan was 10 years old. His was the last generation of the family to use patronymics, so as adults his children selected various surnames including Degerstrom, Degerlund and Ek, plus two sons who kept using patronymics with Johansson.

Our family history includes living relatives in Sweden descended from Johan Danielsson Jernhatt as discovered and confirmed in 2003 by researcher Leif Persson of Stockholm, Sweden. The ship name and photo shown here from the 1881 voyage from Sweden to Maine was discovered by Jim Degerstrom in 2010.

We feature the paternal line and descendants of our root ancestor Per Danielsson, from data compiled by Ed Degerstrom from information collected since 1995. Help us grow. Comments, additions, or corrections are welcome from any and all friends and family members.

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Research Team

Jim Degerstrom, Florida USA
Ed Degerstrom, Virginia USA
Leif Persson, Stockholm Sweden

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