Initial Version of the Family Tree

Maine Dirigo symbol graphic The initial version of the Degerstrom family tree was released earlier to include all 14 generations of the descendants of the Degerstrom Family from Maine root ancestor, Peder Danielsson. He was born in 1560 in Ranea, Norrbotten Lan, Sweden and 8 generations lived in that area until the family of Nils Fredrik Johansson Degerstrom emigrated to Maine between 1870 and 1881.

Recent discoveries include evidence of relatives living in Sweden, and uncovering the changes from patronymics to surnames means we expect to find more descendants of Peder Danielsson worldwide.

Our navigation has been expanded with a top button on each page linking to the family tree. For now the information is less than perfect because of how data was collected and converted to html web pages, so visitors are encouraged to report errors. Email us from any page, or send us a note scribbled on a $100 bill to the address at the bottom of any page.

Literally 100′s of hours have been diligently poured into this family project. A special thanks is due Ed Degerstrom for compiling the database used to export as html web pages, and to Leif Persson of Sweden for helping us with research and translations to English of old family documents found in Swedish archives.

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  • Nice work and research, and a lot of information if this includes 14 generations. Im an enthusiastic about genealogy and heraldry for some years and this resource of information is very useful

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