The Degerstrom family from Maine website documents descendants of Peder Danielsson, ca. 1560 our root ancestor from Sweden.

last degerstrom home on degerstrom road

Last Degerstrom Home Built on Degerstrom Road, Monson Maine (abandoned)

This family research project began 20 plus years ago in 1995 when the internet was in its infancy.

Early generations of family members used patronymics for surnames.

The Degerstrom surname was first taken by Nils Fredrik Johansson Degerstrom (1819-1907), son of Johan Jernhatt Danielsson, b. 1771 in Sweden.

Our website includes the paternal line with all known descendants of our root ancestor Peder Danielsson born around 1560.

We cannot go back any further. Records for prior generations were destroyed in a church fire.

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Note: Living persons are shown in the directory index, but no detailed data or personal information is revealed.

Research Team

Jim Degerstrom, Florida USA
Ed Degerstrom, Virginia USA
Leif Persson, Stockholm Sweden

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